Paniolo Polo

We’re sure glad we bumped into Alex the other day. Not only is he great company, but he showed us parts of the North Shore we wouldn’t have known about otherwise, like the rodeo arena and the Marconi station. Alex also told us that there was going to be a polo match at Mokulēia across from Dillingham Airfield on Sunday, which sounded like fun, so we all went.

We got to the polo field early in order to have lunch and met up with Alex’s co-worker, Mike, and his wife and young son.

Good thing Dale thought to bring along the beach chairs.

Mike’s son had fun getting to know another spectator’s blood hound (I’ve heard that people start to look like their dogs – you judge).

Cove showed up a little while later with the cooler and a couple more chairs.

First up were the kids, some of whom were so young they must have learned to ride before they learned to walk.

You can see that the polo field was directly on the beach.

After the kid’s game, the “half-time” entertainment consisted of a parachute drop…

…followed by an exhibition rugby scrimmage. I wouldn’t have wanted to tangle with any of these girls.

Then came the main event, the Master’s Cup match up. Some of the players were from the mainland; one guy came all the way from Argentina.

Polo is like soccer on horseback. The game (at least the way it was played here) is divided up into four periods (called “chukkers”) of about 7 minutes each and is played by four players on each team.

Here’s a shot of one of the players taking aim at the ball.

Our blood hound friend had a different idea of what you’re supposed to do with a polo ball.

After the match, we drove to the west end of the road where Alex pointed out the landmarks.

It was a good time and a nice day – such a beautiful place.

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