Fun Day on Fundy Bay

When we stopped at the Canadian welcome center upon crossing the border from Maine to New Brunswick, the woman that we talked to inside about things to do and see in this part of Canada told us that there was lots to see on the New Brunswick side of the Bay of Fundy and that we might want to give the folks in Nova Scotia a couple more days to clean up the mess from Hurricane Leslie before we visited there. That sounded like good advice, so we decided to drive the New Brunswick side of the Bay, starting at St. Andrews.

When we pulled into St. Andrews on Tuesday, we followed the signs that said “Oceanfront Camping” and ended up at a beautiful campground overlooking the Bay of Fundy that was run by the local Kiwanis. Here’s a view of our view:

Before we settled in for the evening, we took a drive around the area, ending up at the causeway to Minister’s Island. The causeway is submerged at high tide, but is drivable at low tide. We got there around mid-tide as the tide was coming in; and the tide in the Bay of Fundy comes in really fast.

Here are two pictures taken about 5 minutes apart from the same spot, showing have quickly the water rises:

We went back to Minister’s Island causeway again on Wednesday and crossed over to the island. Here you can compare Tuesday at mid-tide to Wednesday at low tide:

While we were driving across the causeway, two bald eagles came swooping in and Dale was able to get this great photo of them:

One of them was carrying some carrion…

…and the two birds screeched back and forth, apparently arguing over the choicest parts.

We spent most of the day Wednesday on a whaling excursion. It was a relatively fast catamaran powerboat and we were out on the Bay for about 3 hours.

I think we were the lone Americans; it seemed that the other 14 passengers were all from Ontario.

On the trip out, we stopped at a rock in the middle of the channel to look at some Harbor Seals.

Then settled in near a very scenic lighthouse while the captain and his mate scanned the horizon for whales.

We spotted several Minke whales, as well as several pods of porpoise. Here’s a Minke:

Near the end of the voyage, we also found a Fin whale. Finbacks are the second largest whale on the planet, the largest being the Blue whale. From the surface – at least to us – the Minke and Finback were indiscernible, other than the fact that the Fin was much bigger.

By the time we got back to St. Andrews wharf, the tide had gone out, but they use floating docks, so we had no problem getting back ashore.

We ended the day by driving to nearby St. Georges and taking the ferry over to Deer Island. The ferry ride was free and took about 20 minutes each way. It was hard for us to imagine what it must be like for these hardy souls to live year-round on an island in the North Atlantic, but they do it.

Today we’re leaving for Moncton, our last stop in New Brunswick before visiting Prince Edward Island for the Seafood Festival. Lobsters, look out; here we come!

One thought on “Fun Day on Fundy Bay

  1. Mark/Dale — We really appreciate the descriptions of your journeys. When you’re on Prince Edward Island be sure to visit the Potato Palace!

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