Princess Yields to the Queen

It was a 3 hour drive across Nova Scotia from Lunenburg to Digby where we caught the ferry across the Bay of Fundy to St. John on New Brunswick. This was the biggest ferry we have been on with the RV in all of our travels so far.

Here’s a photo of our RV at the front of the line inside the hold of the ferry, the MV Princess of Acadia, as the ship was being loaded.

The ferry ride from Digby to St. John normally takes 3 hours. Our ride took a little longer because we had to wait out in the Bay of Fundy for an extra 1/2 hour while the Queen Mary II left port.

That’s right: the Queen Mary II!

What an amazing coincidence! The Queen Mary II is the largest cruise ship in the world and we didn’t even know she was in Canada, much less that we would pass her as we made our own course across the Bay of Fundy. We learned about the Queen Mary II last year from our relatives in Germany, the Langners; they had seen the Queen leaving the port of Hamburg and Christopher had taken an amazing series of photos of her transit out of the port (we’re looking forward to the Langners visiting us in the Keys this coming August).

Here comes the Queen out of St. John harbor.

Sailing off into the sunset.

We landed at St. John at dusk and decided to go ahead and drive south on NB Highway 1 to the U.S. border. We pulled into Calais, Maine, Tuesday night and stayed at our favorite campground – Walmart.

Here’s a map of our travels through the Maritime Provinces of Canada:

We covered a lot of ground and we’re sure that someday, we’ll be back.

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