Circuito Inferior

The Sheraton sits on a bluff overlooking the Rio Iguazú. Leaving the hotel, we headed down toward the river to the Circuito Inferior, the lower walk.

Being the first hikers on the path, we found the walkway to be a little slippery, due to the pervasive mist from the waterfalls that covers everything (as you can see, most of the paths in the park are elevated metal grates with wooden handrails; the flat metal between grates is slick when wet).

We hiked down near the water and over a bridge in front of a small waterfall:

Then the path went back up and we crossed back over the same falls on the upper bridge in the photo, above.

Here’s a photo from the upper bridge looking back down on the lower bridge that we crossed first; the Rio Iguazú is in the background.

The path then crossed back over the stream that fed this fall and then followed the Rio Iguazú, heading toward the main cascades.

Rounding the bend, we were met by this awe-inspiring sight:

The mist billowed hundreds of feet high.

A little further along there was a walkway that went right out to the edge of the torrent.

From here, the path turned inland to the Salto Chico (the Little Boy Waterfall)…

…and then to the Salto Dos Hermanas (the Two Sisters Waterfall).

While not anywhere near as impressive as what was to come, these interior falls were quite beautiful.

At the Two Sisters, we found someone to take our picture together as we stood on the overlook.

From here, we made our way up to the next walk, the higher Paseo Superior.

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