Park It

The Sheraton, where we stayed, is located inside the Parque Nacional Iguazú, the Argentinian national park. By staying inside the park, we were able to get a head start on the crowds because the park is open to hotel guests at 7:30 and the trailhead to the Falls starts right at the hotel. Other visitors to the park have to wait for the main entrance to open at 8:00, then they have to catch the tram to the trailhead, which takes them another half hour. So, for the first hour of the day, we had the whole place pretty much to ourselves, which allowed us to stay ahead of the crowds for most of the day.

We spent the day, Saturday, doing everything offered in the park, in this order: the Cirtuito Inferior (the lower circuit walk); the Paseo Superior (the upper walk); the Paseo Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat walk); the Paseo Ecológico (the rafting boat ride); and, the Aventura Naútica (the powerboat ride). I’m going to write about them one by one, in the order we did them.

But first, let me tell you how we ended the day. By the time we finished, we were exhausted, so we decided to just park it at the Sheraton pool:

After a refreshing dip in the pool, we had coffee in the lounge.

Suddenly, there was a commotion on the patio deck outside the lounge – two Capuchin Monkeys (the locals call them Cappuccino Monkeys) had swiped someone’s can of Pringles and made their escape!

Not to worry: I caught the culprits on film; we’ll report them to the authorities as soon as we can.

Next up, the Parque Nacional Iguazú Argentina…

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