Paseo Garganta del Diablo

After the upper walkway, we took the tram upriver to the boardwalk on the Argentinian side of the Devil’s Throat.

It was around noon and the crowds had now made their way into the park, as you can see, above. At the terminal station, we trudged along with the crowd to the viewing platform perched atop the rim of the Devil’s Throat, opposite from the walkway on the Brazilian side that we had visited the day before.

The Rio Iguazú didn’t seem to be flowing all that fast as we approached the rim, but the sound of the water cascading over the Falls ahead was ominous.

The viewing platform at the end of the boardwalk was packed with sightseers and commercial photographers blocking the railing in an attempt to charge a fee for the taking of portraits with the Falls as a backdrop. But we pushed our way through and finally made our way to the railing where I was able to take these photos of the Falls with the Brazilian shore in the background:

One more, looking to our left.

And, we were able to take our own waterfall portrait, in spite of the commercial photographers’ efforts to prevent it:

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