Paseo Ecológico

Although we took the tram up to the Devil’s Throat lookout, we returned to the main park by water on a 10-person inflatable. While we were waiting to launch, two unusual butterflies landed on Dale, posing for my camera.

As soon as we launched our raft, our helmsman steered us underneath the boardwalk we had traversed on our walk out to the Devil’s Throat…

…then we drifted down what felt like a slowly flowing stream.

But the stream opened up into the main flow of the Rio Iguazú and we prayed that our helmsman knew which way to go. We really didn’t want to go over the Falls (notice the mist rising from the Falls on the right)!

He proved up to the challenge, easily steering our raft off onto a tributary to the left, paralleling the tram’s route.

It was a nice, half-hour drift down the river…

…to our debarkation point.

And, it certainly beat a return on the crowded tram.

And, now, on to a more adventurous boat ride below the Falls.

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