Paseo Aventura Náutica

Other than what we had seen, there was only one more vantage point from which to view Iguazú Falls: from the water at the basin below the waterfalls.

We had made reservations for the Aventura Náutica earlier in the morning to do just that, so after our leisurely drift in the inflatable, we walked back down to the lower Rio Iguazú to go on the pontoon powerboat ride.

Leaving the floating dock, we headed straight up the Devil’s Throat, lucky enough to get front row seats in the boat.

We were an anxious group of passengers.

The captain took us in for a photo op, managing to keep us dry in the process.

Then we returned, passing the dock…

…before heading up into the basin of the Salto Mbiguá.

Here, the mate told us to stow away anything that needed to be kept dry, before our skipper took us directly under the falls as the mate videotaped us getting drenched.

It was a blast!

Then, we went further into the fray!


It was a crowd-pleaser, the passengers chanting, “¡Mas, Mas!” (More, more!), so the captain took us back around to the Devil’s Throat again…

…and directly under another waterfall!

Now we understood why they use pontoon boats: they flood with water from the falls dumping into them.

Satisfied and soaked, we returned to the dock…

…to end our day and our adventures at the Parque Nacional Iguazú Argentina.

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