Cerro Campanario

The Circuito Chico drive ends at the base of another “hill” with a commanding view of the area, Cerro Campanario. This one, however, is on the tour bus circuit and has been made much easier to climb – there’s a chairlift!

We had coffee at the observation deck on the summit. There was a great view of Cerro Llao Llao from there, complete with panorama map to help us orient ourselves. Hard to believe that Cerro Llao Llao and Cerro Cananario are almost the same height.

Here’s a view of the observation deck at the summit of Cerro Campanario, looking north across the Brazo Companario and the Peninsula San Pedro.

And here’s one looking northeast from the same spot at Isla Victoria, surrounded by Lago Nahuel Huapi.

And, finally, a picture looking east with the city of San Carlos de Bariloche in the distance (upper left). The house we’re staying at is in the neighborhood just to the right of dead-center of this photo.

The temperature has been in the high 50s during the day, so we seem to have jackets on and then off throughout the day.

Time to head back down on the chairlift. This one is not designed for skiers, although in the winter Bariloche is a major snow skiing destination.

What a great view on the ride back down.

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