Perito Moreno Glacier’s North Face

It was a two hour ride from the Spegazzini Glacier to the Perito Moreno Glacier’s North Face, retracing our path back through the Brazo Norte and passing Punta Bandera.

We had seen Perito Moreno from the balconies on its opposing shore, as well as from the Brazo Rico where we viewed the South Face by boat on our way to our Big Ice trek.

This view completed the package. Starting at the northwestern end of the face, we observed an arch that was probably the result of a subterranean river, under the lateral moraine.

Then we made our way to the southeast…

…heading toward the branching of the Brazo Rico where we could see the remains of the rupture that occurred in 2012.

From here, we returned to port and caught the bus back into Calafate. It was another long day – a 12 hour excursion with 8 hours on the water – but very enjoyable and relaxing.

And needed, after our trek on the glacier the day before.

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