Upsala Glacier

The first glacier we visited was the largest glacier in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, the Upsala Glacier. That’s it in the distance, to the right:

As we approached, the captain saw two icebergs that had calved from the face of Upsala, so he took us in for a closer look.

Now you can see why the Captain’s Club was such an incredible deal!

The color of the ice was beautiful.

We didn’t go in close to the face of Upsala because it is not stable and the captain couldn’t take the risk of hitting an iceberg or being swamped by the calving face. But even at a distance, we could see that Upsala is the merger of three separate glaciers, defined by the dark lines carrying debris down from the sides of the mountains.

From Upsala, we motored south into the Brazo Spegazzini, passing two smaller glaciers along the way. The first was unusual because it sat high above the lake, never quite reaching it, even though you can see the limits of its march over the years (the grey-brown areas around its edges):

The other one had similar features, though not as pronounced, and it appeared to have receded more over the years:

On to Spegazzini Glacier….

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