We Three Kings

After we warmed up for about an hour, we decided to go sit on the hillside to just observe the penguins for a while before turning in for dinner and bed.

There are a handful of King Penguins here at The Neck, though the larger colony of Kings is at Volunteer Point on East Falkland where we’ll be spending the next two nights.

Here’s a picture of the three Kings.

No, he didn’t lose his head, he tucked it under his wing.

They didn’t mind me sitting down within just a couple feet of them to take a couple pictures.

Dale, meanwhile, had gone further down the hill to watch the Gentoo Penguins build nests on top of the Sea Cabbages, when a curious Caracara landed between us.

Because they are rare, most of the Striated Caracara are banded and tracked so that they and their habitat can be protected.

I joined Dale. It was very interesting watching the nest-building, though it was difficult figuring out exactly what their method was. It seemed like a lot of shrieking at one another, following by picking up a single leaf and moving it a couple feet.

Well, I suppose Penguins have a hard time making sense out of what we humans do, too. I can hear them now, “Hey, Louie, there’s a couple of those weird wingless fellas sittin’ on the hill again – don’t they know it’s colder up there?”

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