Post Script

Here’s a map of our travels around Tierra del Fuego with the rental car:

And here’s another map of our flights and bus rides (which added more mileage that didn’t compute on my mapping program); Miami is off the map. We went 20,000 miles!


We’re in Buenos Aires overnight, flying out tomorrow to Miami. This morning when we got into our rental car in Ushuaia (the same model Chevrolet that we rented in Bariloche) we found the passenger door unlocked – what, another break-in? Then, when we got our luggage off the carousel at the airport in Buenos Aires, we discovered that we had been robbed yet again!!! This time, someone in the airport (probably a baggage-handler) opened my bag and stole the sunglasses that I bought in Bariloche to replace the pair that was stolen from me there, as well as both of our prescription reading glasses. It seems that there is a culture of thievery here in Argentina – really, stealing prescription glasses!?! By the way, I know they were stolen, not lost, because the airport thief was nice enough to take the glasses, but return one of the glasses cases to my pack, empty, though he didn’t zip the pack all the way closed. Nice fellow. I hope he has the same eyeglass prescription as either me or Dale; I’d hate to think he went to all that trouble for nothing.

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