Keep Calm and Marry On

We arrived in Madison, WI, Saturday afternoon and met up with the other out-of-town guests and the wedding party that evening after the rehearsal dinner.

Sunday, the day of Ben and Michelle’s wedding, Jim Gern, the father of the groom and my long-time dear friend, took the morning to take us on a walk along Pheasant Branch.

From the top of the hill, we had a great view of the surrounding farmland. This farmstead, with its red barn and silos, is typical of the scenery in rural Wisconsin.

Jim pointed out the area where he and Von have recently purchased land that they plan to build on.

Pheasant Branch is partially spring-fed and Jim’s dog, Daisy, had a great time splashing around in one of the springs. If you look closely, you can see the water bubbling up in the foreground of the photo, below.

It was a nice, relaxing stroll, and if we hadn’t known it, we wouldn’t have guessed from Jim’s casualness that the wedding was only four hours away.

6 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Marry On

  1. Thanks Mark – nice pics! Great to see you guys again in Madison. Let me know if you would be interested in another canoeing adventure next summer. I have one in mind that involves planes, trains, and canoes. Jim

  2. Ben looks like a mini Jim! Looks like everyone had a great time. what a cute couple with an awesome career ahead of them in Oregon. It was nice seeing the Gern kids too.

  3. Mark,
    Is Jim the friend who went with you/us to the various islands on your Dad’s boat years ago? How can you “boys” be old enough to have married children? Seriously, we are going to become Great Grandparents in September (Fran’s oldest daughter), so I suppose you and your boyhood friends might be old enough to become parents-in-law. It’s nice that you were able to attend your good friend’s son’s wedding. Time marches on!
    We just got back from NC where we visited Ed and his family. He said they tried to work out a house exchange arrangement with you so they could be “on water” for the sake of their daughter Samara who lives in Arizona and will be vacationing for a week with them later this summer. Too bad that couldn’t have worked out. Gail would have liked their Chapel Hill house which is located in a lovely area and close to the Sarah Duke Gardens. Maybe another time. They’re still trying to work out an arrangement for that get-together.
    Keep those posts coming. We enjoy them all.

    • Yes, and Jim and I visited you in Cinci in 1976 while driving around the country in our hippy van.

      Any and all Holubs are welcome to visit us in the Keys any time!

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