All In The Family

After our walk with Jim in the morning, we returned to the hotel to change for Ben and Michelle’s Sunday afternoon wedding. Although the morning had been delightful, as we walked up toward the State Capitol building near where the wedding was going to be, it started to drizzle.

The wedding was at the Monona Terrace, designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, overlooking Lake Monona. The view over the lake was a perfect backdrop for the ceremony. We were lucky to sit right behind the groom’s family: left to right, Jim, Von, Von’s mother, Betty, and sister, Linda, and Von’s cousin.

Ben and his bride, Michelle, make a handsome couple.

Last year around this time, we were in Madison for Tyson Gern’s wedding. Tyson is Ben’s twin brother and best man – they reversed roles since last year. You can see Tyson to the right of Ben and Michelle and their sister and bridesmaid, Hannah, to the left.

But the stars of the show were, of course, the bride and groom (I held back to be the last guest through the receiving line so I could get the happy couple to pose for me):

For me, this occasion was a family affair. I mentioned already that Ben is my godson and that his dad, Jim, is a life-long best friend. Not only that, but all Jim’s siblings were at the wedding and I always counted myself as “one of the Gern kids.” So, here we are: left to right, Jim, Laurie, Leslie, John and me:

And me and Jim, aging gracefully:

After the meal and all the photo-ops, the dance floor was opened for business. The first dance, of course, was for the bride and groom, lights lowered for romance.

And then, let the party begin!

We had a great time and wore out two pairs of shoes dancing. It was a wonderful celebration for a beautiful couple. And it’s been a busy two weeks for them, too. Last week, both Ben and Michelle graduated from medical school; then the marriage; and, on Thursday they’re moving to Portland, Oregon, to begin their residency programs at the hospital there. Portland’s gain: two delightful, new pediatricians.

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