On The Zee Shore

Comfort on long flights is a function of where you’re seated. We were relatively lucky on our Trans-Atlantic flight this time: decent seats and generally considerate seat-mates.

Two days ago, on Monday evening, we boarded a British Airways flight that delivered us Tuesday morning to London. After a layover in Heathrow, we departed Heathrow on another BA flight to Copenhagen, Denmark, where we were met by Bob Giles, our home exchange host, and driven to his home on the outskirts of Hundested, about an hour away to the northwest of Copenhagen: a 16-hour travel day, 6 time zones distant.

Bob’s wife, Johnna, greeted us at the door while Bob uncorked a welcoming bottle of champagne and poured us each a glass, which we took with us on a walk to the northern Zeeland shore a couple hundred yards from their house.

It was around 8:30 p.m. and the sun was just beginning to go down as we descended the staircase to the beach.

The Zeeland coast here consists of bluffs overlooking a rocky shoreline. Here’s a view looking west:

And another, looking east:

We toasted our reunion with Bob and Johnna,…

…then walked back to the house…

…where Johnna had prepared a light supper of gravelox (salmon) for us.

We’re going to enjoy the seafood here (we had pickled herring for breakfast today).

After reviewing brochures with Bob and Johnna to learn about things-to-do and places-to-go, we drove to the local train station, so they could catch the train to Copenhagen to meet up with their daughter and grandson, Ingelise and Finn, at an airport hotel for their flight tomorrow to England and their primary home in Eastbourne (we stayed there last year in our first home exchange with them; Ingelise and Finn, by the way, live in Key Largo).

We plan to take the train into Copenhagen while we’re here, but our exchange also includes the car, so we’ll be able to do a lot of exploring during our month here in Denmark. The house is wonderful and there’s no doubt that we’re going to enjoy our time here.

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