Danish Design

The Danes are known for their efficient and functional designs. We have always loved Danish furniture, with its clean look; especially the teak furniture. In fact, our first bedroom set was Danish (it now belongs to Kyle) and we still have a Danish teak bookcase covering an entire wall in our living room. But this post is not about furniture.

I’ve found another design from Denmark that I love: Danish currency.

Take a look. Here are the main bill denominations, 1,000 Kr, 500 Kr, 200 Kr and 100 Kr.

Notice that each bill is a little smaller than the one above it. As a result, when stacked, the colored edges of the bills fit in a neat sequence:

By the way, the Danish currency is called the Krone (plural: Kroner) and the current exchange rate is 5.7 Kroner to the U.S. Dollar.

The coins above are, left to right: 1/2 Krone, Krone, 5 Krone and 20 Krone; the 20 Kr coin is worth about $3.50. Since I took this picture, I’ve also picked up a 2 Kr coin and I expect there’s a 10 Kr coin, too. I love the holes in the 1 Kr and 5 Kr coins.

Because I use a money clip (this one was a souvenir from Argentina), I can see at a glance how much cash I’m carrying by just flipping the bills from the top:

Ingenious! Why didn’t we think of this?

Ah, life’s simple pleasures. l am easily amused.

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