Copenhagen by Land, Briefly

Like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, is a city for cycling. I’m pretty sure that there are more bicycles on the roads in Copenhagen than there are cars. Though we’re used to having separate cycling lanes on our streets, only in the big cities of Europe do you see separate traffic lights, too.

Back in the main part of the city, we stopped for coffee at one of the busiest public squares, Højbro Plads.

After getting our bearings, we made our way back to the second largest square in Copenhagen, the Rådhuspladsen, City Hall Square, where McDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken have invaded the country (I’d love to know how McDonalds got permission to put up its completely out-of-place sign).

To the right of the photo, above, is the Rådhus (the City Hall), but we thought it was upstaged by the sculpture out front, the Dragon’s Leap Fountain (I think that’s what it’s called), depicting a sea dragon eating a bull. Weird.

Across the street from City Hall is the famous Tivoli Gardens. I stood in front of this entrance feature to Tivoli for a photo when I briefly visited Copenhagen in 1980; it hasn’t changed, but I have. We plan to go back to Copenhagen next week to visit the museums and Tivoli.

The main entrance to Tivoli Gardens is around the side, directly between City Hall and the train station. As we walked west near quitting-time for city workers, the sun and an elongated cloud reflected off an adjacent, mirrored building. Yep, it was around 5:00 p.m. when I took this photo, although it felt like early afternoon since the sun was still so high in the sky.

On the ride back to Hald, reflecting on the day ourselves, we decided that taking the train into Copenhagen, as Bob and Johnna had suggested, was definitely the way to go.

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