Sand Storm

If you drive all the way north to the end of the road on Jutland, you arrive at a spit of sand, probing like a finger out into the sea, stirring up the waves where the North Sea and the Baltic collide. Actually, it’s where the Skagerrak and the Kattegat meet, two divisions of a strait that years ago was called the Jutland Sea, through which the North Sea and the Baltic join.

From the parking area, looking South, we could see the freighters and tankers moored offshore, waiting for their turn to enter Frederikshavn.

This place is called Grenen and it’s known as the northernmost point in Denmark, with the exception of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It’s about a half hour walk (with the wind at your back) from the parking area to the point.

The beach seemed to go on forever as we walked toward the end of the world at latitude 57°45′ North.

As we neared the point, we were relieved to see the beach tractor there. We weren’t looking forward to getting sandblasted trying to hike back.

Supposedly, over 2,000 shipwrecks have occurred around Grenen in the last several centuries. We’ve been to several of these sea-meets-sea junctions, the southern tip of Argentina and the northern tip of New Zealand come to mind, but, I don’t remember any of them looking this wild and turbulent, nor were any of them this accessible.

We handed off my iPhone to another visitor, then sprinted out on the point for a portrait, anxious that we not be carried off by a rogue wave.

Leaving Grenen, we detoured slightly to see the Råbjerg Mile where the dunes shift continually, supposedly moving, on average, 50 feet per day!

Shaking the sand out of our shoes, we continued our drive south to see the rest of Jutland; or, at least as much as we could see in the next two days anyway.

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