Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world (the oldest is also in Denmark, those fun-loving Danes), was opened in 1843. If you ask me, it’s exponentially nicer than Disney World back in Florida, but then, I’m not a kid anymore. Well, I’m not a kid’s age, anyway.

That’s the backside view of the main entrance, above, as you enter the park.

And off we go!

Tivoli is a mixture of things. It’s part theme park with great rides for all ages,…

…including one with a great view of the city (if you can convince your wife to go up there with you, which I couldn’t).

It’s part entertainment district with arcade games, pubs and restaurants.

And beyond the amusement park with its rides and pirate ship, it’s also a beautiful “pleasure garden,” as they call it in the guidebooks,…

You can even go for a rowboat ride in one of the small lakes…

…or stay in the fancy Nimb Palace Hotel.

There’s a lot packed into this 21-acre park. It’s even got a huge concert venue; you can see the stage in the background in this picture:

Yep, it’s easy to see why more than 4 million people visited Tivoli Gardens last year, there’s something for everyone.

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