Birthday Suit

We had two beautiful days in a row, so we decided to do another day at the beach, this time in Soulac-sur-Mer.

This weekend starts the high season on the beach here, so we were expecting the beach in Soulac to be crowded. But, when we arrived in the early afternoon, there weren’t too many people on the sand.

We rented a cabana and chairs so that we could stay out of the sun (my dermatologist would be really upset with me if he even knew I was doing this at all).

There was a pretty good surf rolling in, but the lifeguards had the red flag up and they kept chasing the surfers and boogie-boarders out of the water.

We soon noticed (well, wouldn’t you?) that a lot of the French women go topless here.

I don’t know how the lifeguards are able to keep their eyes on the swimmers. Those are the lifeguards off to the right, sitting high up in their platforms.

A young couple laid down on the sand right in front of us and off came the bikini top!

Even this 70+ year old behind us got into the mood…

…which led Dale (in the privacy of our cabana) to declare, “Well, it’s my birthday, so I guess I’ll put on my birthday suit too!”

Her birthday, but I got all the presents.

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