Bonjour, Paris

Before we leave to start exploring Paris, here’s a look at where we’re staying.

Yesterday, when we arrived, I posted pictures of the Eiffel Tower, taken from the terrace of the apartment (which is on the top floor of the building); here’s another one…

…and, turning slightly to my right, here’s a picture of the rest of the terrace. This will be a great place to have a morning cup of coffee and to see the City of Lights at night.

The terrace faces northeast and the Eiffel Tower is just east of north.

Behind the wall to the right in the picture above is the kitchen.

And then, from the kitchen, there’s a short hallway to the living room:

I walked over to the window to take the next picture, looking back toward the hallway…

…and then walked back into the hallway for this picture (entry on the left, kitchen on the right, terrace straight ahead out the door)…

…before turning right into the bedroom. The windows on the bedroom and living room side of the apartment face the southwest…

…and look out over the Paris expo Porte de Versailles, the Paris exposition center.

There’s a nice cross breeze with all the windows open and the apartment looks like it will be really comfortable for us during our stay here for the next two weeks.

Now, let’s go see the city.

2 thoughts on “Bonjour, Paris

  1. Hello friends !
    We are happy that you seems well in the appartment ! Let’s enjoy Paris
    Virginie et Frédérique

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