Menu Déjeuner

The other day, walking down the nearby Rue de la Croix-Nivert, we passed the Restaurant Jadis, but it wasn’t open at the time. We looked at the notice on the door and thought that €29 for the menu du jour at a good restaurant might be nice, so we filed it away for future reference.

So, after resting our weary legs from the visit to Musée d’Orsay for a couple hours, we ventured back to Restaurant Jardis for our first good meal in Paris.

And the food was good, but it turned out that “déjeuner” means “lunch” and the dinner prices were a little (choke) higher. But, it was worth it.

The restaurant was small and a little warm, so, after the meal, as I waited for the check, Dale went outside to cool off. Just then, a group of diners showed up and said something to the waiter and the next thing I knew, all the tables and chairs around me were moved outside onto the sidewalk, leaving me sitting in the middle of the restaurant, all alone!

We’ll have to remember that for next time. If you don’t like where you’re seated, just ask to be moved to a more comfortable location.

And make sure you understand the menu before you order.

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