Piano Man

Saturday was a shopping day for us. First, we took the 3A tram to its terminus and walked the open-air market that seems to be a permanent installation on the Cours de Vincennes, full of produce, cheeses, seafood, meats and clothing stalls. Then we took the Metro from the Nation station to the Bon Marche department store, stopping there briefly before heading over to see the Palais Garnier, the Paris Opera House.

We ended the day in the Latin Quarter where we had a piano concert to attend that evening. We had purchased our tickets on-line for the piano recital at Church of Saint-Ephrem, but all we knew about the venue was that it was in the Latin Quarter on Rue des Carmes. We had dinner, then went in search of the church.

Here’s the view walking up Rue des Carmes, we thought we had the church straight ahead of us:

Wrong, that’s the Panthéon, originally built as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, that now functions as a secular mausoleum containing the remains of distinguished French citizens such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and Madam (Marie) Curie.

Turns out that our destination was the little chapel hidden behind the wrought-iron fence you see just off to the left in the photo, above.

We picked up our tickets and were the first to go inside; we sat in the second row, leaving room for any VIPs in the row in front of us.

The pianist was Julien Gernay and we’re pretty sure his parents took the seats we had left open in the front row. He was magnificent, playing a 4 movement piece by Mozart, followed by Gymnopédies by Satie (a French composer), Pathétique by Beethovan, a Schubert piece and an encore by Chopin. He was an amazing pianist and his selection was wonderful, including two pieces (Gymnopédies and Pathétique) that Dale has been working on.

It was a nice, relaxing way to end the day.

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