Our trip is now coming to an end. Tomorrow we take the Chunnel train to London where we’ll fly home from Heathrow airport on Thursday. So, it was especially nice to be sent off by our friends, Laurent and Quitterie, with a dinner at their house in Levallois-Perret, a suburb of Paris.

They have a wonderful 3-story, brick house built in 1902 that they have been restoring (having a stand-alone house in Paris is quite an unusual thing; most people here live in multi-family Hussmann-style walkups or apartments):

There’s a nice courtyard in back where a table had been set for dinner and their son, Andéol, was busy kicking around a soccer ball when not on his scooter – which reminded me to ask Laurent to demonstrate his commuting vehicle of choice: a scooter that he rides to his law office in the Paris city center 20 minutes away.

He went off for a minute, then came zipping around the corner. Voilà!

We had a wonderful visit with Quitterie, Laurent, Soazig and Aglaé as we ate our quiche and drank a bottle of wine from Chateaux Fontesteau that we brought from Médoc.

But the highlight of the evening was when Laurent brought out their wedding bottle of Armagnac (like cognac, only better), distilled by a neighbor of Quitterie’s parents in Gascony, and given to them at their wedding (like us, Laurent and Quitterie recently celebrated their anniversary).

It was a wonderful way to end our time in Paris. Salut!

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