Hangin’ Out

Wonder how I found the time to research and write about so much of Sweden’s history recently? Answer: Laundry Day. The forecast was cold and drizzly and we had been here for 10 days, so we decided to stay in for the day to take care of domestic chores. You might think that doing laundry would be boring. Not so. Here it requires serious planning and concentration.

Step 1, reserve your time slot in the laundry room (we’re #9, set for 10:00 to 13:00 on Friday the 10th):

Step 2, plan your approach. By the way, the washing machines were all made by Electrolux, one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, based right here in Stockholm. You’ve got to love a company that advertises its vacuum cleaners with the slogan: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux!”

Step 3, try to figure out what all the stations are for; guesses anyone?

Step 4, read the instructions. Um, yeah:

Step 5, program the washing machine. Simple!

Step 6, hang to dry. I must say, this was pretty cool. This is a “drying room” where you hang your clothes in the basement, turn on the giant, heated fan, and close the door. Works well. And, yes, there was also a regular electric clothes dryer, but this was more interesting.

Step 7, remember the door key. If you get locked out here, you really get locked out:

3 thoughts on “Hangin’ Out

  1. Here my guesses:
    1. Kaltmangel-cold iron for laundry-I only know hot Mangel ( Big iron for bed and table cloth)
    2. Spin dryer
    Please let me know the solution of the riddle

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