Monkey Business

Having made it across the Dragon Bridge, we met our van and drove out to the Son Tre Peninsula.

We continued up appropriately named Monkey Mountain about 1,000 feet to an ancient, 800-year-old banyan tree and its commanding view of the South China Sea.

We had heard there was a chance to see monkeys along the drive up the mountain and Bill did spot several, but we were really surprised just as we were leaving the preserve to see an entire tribe? herd? gaggle? flock? – whatever you call a bunch of monkeys – right at the intersection with the main road. Wisely or not, we were able to get right up next to a couple of them who seemed just as surprised as we were.

The adolescent monkeys stayed in the trees, doing what monkeys do, monkeying about.

Finally tiring of all this monkey business, we drove back down past Da Nang…

… to Hoi An, 20 miles south, checked in, had dinner, and finished the day with an evening stroll through the old town.

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