Cooking Class for Coneheads

Our last day in Hoi An was a “foodie day” at Tra Que Water Wheel.

Our guide and chef was Ms. Thuong – she told us her first name, then after we botched its pronunciation, she said, “just call me Jessica.” To start, she took us on a tour of the garden, pointing out the various vegetables and herbs we would be using, their uses and how they’re grown here in Vietnam.

After an unexpected foot massage, we suited up for cooking class. We were going to be making a four course meal!

Ready, set, go!

While the ladies cooked the squid, the guys prepared the papaya salad. Gotta squeeze all the liquid out, Jessica told me.

Jessica was not only a great chef and teacher, she was also a pretty good stand-up comedienne.

It was my job to burn the fish. Dale flipped the omelets.

Our creations:

Pretty tasty.

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