Chay Lap

Sunday was April Fools’ Day and today the joke was on us. Once again, Vietnam Airlines unilaterally rescheduled our flight. But it was problematic this time because the rescheduled flight from Dong Hoi to Hanoi would have made it impossible for us to catch our upcoming cruise in Halong Bay, so Loc arranged for a van to pick us up at Chay Lap to drive us to Hanoi.

Before leaving Chay Lap, however, Loc suggested we go for a bike ride to see the surrounding countryside and nearby village. We each grabbed a bike,…

… then, off we went.

This April 1 was also Easter Sunday and there was a church nearby with an Easter service underway when we pulled up. They apparently stay prepared for Christmas all year, judging by the Christmas decorations in the parking area.

It was a surprisingly large and modern church for such a small and poor village, but the Catholic Church has maintained a big presence in Vietnam ever since colonial times.

We rode on and crossed a pedestrian bridge,…

… stopping in the middle to take photographs of the river and valley, just beautiful in the morning light.

We continued through the village…

… to yet another bridge.

Crossing it, I could still see the church off in the distance.

We continued to the end of the path at a ferry landing,…

… but opted not to cross, much to the dismay of the ferry-woman.

Back to Chay Lap along the same route.

Here’s the scene right in front of our Chay Lap Farmstay; that fishing pole rig is tied through the water buffalo’s nose to keep him within a small grazing circle.

Time to pack up for the drive to Hanoi. But, first, a pose with King Kong!

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