O Canada

“O Canada” is the Canadian national anthem, but for us, today, the “O” stands for “Ontario.”

Yesterday, after Niagara Falls, we took Trevor shopping and to a movie and then decided to change our plans and head further north, into Canada, intending to return to Buffalo on the 22nd for Trevor’s birthday.

So, this morning we left New York early and drove across the Niagara River into Ontario. We ended up driving all day, through Toronto and then around Lake Ontario, then turning north into the backwoods in search of fall colors.

It was an all-day drive, ending in Ottawa, the national capitol.

These pictures don’t do the trees justice. The colors are vibrant red, orange and yellow, but the roads in the backcountry are too narrow to stop for picture-taking.

At a pull-out, I did get a chance to get out of the RV and take these two pictures, though, the first through the windshield:

We’ve decided to dry camp at a Walmart again tonight and then drive to Quebec City (via Montreal), the end of the line. We plan to stay at an RV park outside Quebec City for a few days, then work our way back to Buffalo.

But who knows what we’ll do or where we’ll go . . . that’s the beauty of having no fixed schedule . . . the journey is the destination.

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