Ottawa in the Morning

We awoke before dawn and decided to drive into the heart of the Capitol before rush hour traffic started. We parked and walked toward the Parliament Building, up over the river that flows through the city center.

We continued down the street as cars started to appear and found the government center. Here’s the Parliament Building, originally constructed in 1867. There’s an eternal flame monument in the promenade.

We walked up the steps, but the building wasn’t yet open, so we turned around and took a picture of the sunrise. The first picture is looking southeast with the Senate Building on the left. I then turned and took a picture from the same spot looking southwest at the Senate’s sister governmental office building.

Then we found and walked down the pedestrian mall, looking for somewhere to get coffee. The “Starbucks” of Canada is “Tim Horton’s” and we had breakfast there. This hobo was out front and we contributed to his cause.

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