After leaving Robbie’s in Lower Matecumbe Key, we went to an art festival at Holiday Isle. Lots of looking, but no buying for us.

Next, we stopped at Founders Park in Islamorada on the way home. There was an all-day reggae festival called Bayjam going on. We stopped and listened to a couple songs.

It’s a great place for a concert – right on the water, and a nice amphitheater. You can see the boats out in Florida Bay

We went home for a little rest and then returned for the last couple bands last night.

The headline act was an “Afro-German,” or so she called herself. Anyway, she did come all the way from Germany to perform.

It was a fun day. Now, Mother, Sandy and David have gone back home.

And Kelly called this morning to say she and Kyle are back in Florida and on their way back to Gainesville from the airport. It sounds like they had a good trip and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

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