In My Mind, I’m Goin’ to Carolina

We met our home exchange family at our house on Wednesday, showed them around, then left to spend the night with Mother in Deerfield Beach, on our way to North Carolina.

Here’s Mother in front of her apartment on Thursday morning as we were leaving, holding her early Christmas present, an iPad2.

Thursday, we drove from Deerfield to Micanopy where we stayed with our friends, Tom and Leanne, in their guest cottage.

We had dinner with Kelly…

On Friday, Kyle joined us for breakfast. He’s the new rainmaker at his office…

I really loved this chalk poster Kelly made that hangs on her bedroom wall:

Friday night we visited with Tom and Leanne, which we always enjoy!

Saturday, we drove north through Georgia, then continued through South Carolina to North Carolina to our home for the next three weeks, just outside of Brevard. We try to avoid the interstates and travel, instead on the backroads.

We got in around 5:00 and were welcomed by our exchange family’s cat. I think we’ll get along okay.

One thought on “In My Mind, I’m Goin’ to Carolina

  1. I love Kelly’s chalk board too! You have such a wise daughter, I just love her! Nice cat…I hope that Dale didn’t tell that guy that I thought he looked homeless!!!!

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