Alfriston, a Medieval Village

On Friday, we visited the nearby old town of Alfriston before going on a country walk in the Southern Downs. Walking down the street in Alfriston was like stepping back in time 600 years. The buildings you see here were constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries and are still in use.

We had lunch at an old Inn, now known as The Star, built in the early 1400s, before walking around the village…

…down past the old church…

…and the thatch-roofed abbott’s house, both built in Tudor times, the 1400s.

After walking through Alfriston, we headed out on the South Downs path to find the (relatively modern) Long Man hill carving. After crossing the river…

…the path seemed to go up and up, past rapeseed fields.

Nearing our destination, we met two gentlemen out flying their remote-controlled gliders. Here they are near the top of appropriately named Windover Hill, waiting for the wind to let up a little.

The Long Man wasn’t much to see from above…

…but once we returned to town and drove around to the bottom of the hill, we could see it much more clearly.

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