River Walk

Our day, yesterday, started at Parliament House on the River Thames. Since it wasn’t raining, we thought we’d get in as much outdoor time as possible, so we decided to walk along the Thames to the Tower of London, the opposite direction compared to the ferry boat ride from the day before. We started on … Continue reading


Today, we traveled back in time even further than our other posts, back to 3,000 BC, to visit Stonehenge and the henge at Avebury. Uncharacteristically, I will not provide an historical background for these photos; mainly because the history of the henges is unknown, other than the fact that they were man-made about 5,000 years … Continue reading


We left Eastbourne yesterday morning for an excursion to Wales, although we’re taking a couple days getting there. I have enjoyed driving here in the south of England where the roads, though narrow, are always picturesque and the people pay attention to their driving, rather than trying to talk on the phone, text, eat, drink … Continue reading