Cliff Diving

There aren’t too many places that you can get down to the shore between Eastbourne and Brighton, but one of them is Saltdean. I previously posted pictures of the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters area that I had taken at Saltdean and yesterday we decided to drive back there to walk along the base of the cliffs.

There’s a seawall in places here and at high tide the waters of the English Channel come splashing up onto the walk.

They’ve built a small retaining wall at the base of the cliffs and a wide pedestrian promenade that carries on for a couple miles.

It was fun watching the gulls in the updraft along the cliff face, not having to flap their wings to stay aloft.

We walked west along the shore to the next village, then returned to Saltdean along the top of the cliffs. They probably should have built that wall here along the top. We’ve been told that the cliffs of the Seven Sisters are where those cliff divers that have given up on life on this planet go to take their final plunge.

As we were walking, we noticed someone else had taken a lesson from the gulls.

This hang glider also caught the updrafts and just hung out above the cliffs.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like for him to jump off the cliff when he first launched.

There’s a place nearby that gives hang gliding lessons, which I was tempted to try.

Well, kinda. Um, not really.

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