River Walk

Our day, yesterday, started at Parliament House on the River Thames. Since it wasn’t raining, we thought we’d get in as much outdoor time as possible, so we decided to walk along the Thames to the Tower of London, the opposite direction compared to the ferry boat ride from the day before. We started on … Continue reading

Coastal Castles

By 1200 A.D., the Normans had built wooden palisade fortresses all along the southern coast of Wales to garrison their troops for incursions inland against the native Welsh. Starting in the early 1200s, the Normans began to replace these wooden fortresses with stone castles. These substantial structures were strategically placed to secure and link the … Continue reading

Tenby Beach

Tuesday, we set out to explore Tenby in the morning. The hotel we were staying in, Hotel Atlantic, was right on the esplanade that ran along the edge of a cliff that fell away to the beach. We crossed the esplanade and took these pictures of Tenby beach, first to the south, then to the … Continue reading

Byw Yw Surffio

Byw Yw Surffio: Welsh for “Surfing is Living.” We drove to the Gower Peninsula in Wales this afternoon and stopped for lunch at the Kings Head Pub in Llangennith for lunch. At the bar, I counted 20 different types of draft. But what really caught my eye was the surfboard hanging overhead. I soon discovered … Continue reading


Today, we traveled back in time even further than our other posts, back to 3,000 BC, to visit Stonehenge and the henge at Avebury. Uncharacteristically, I will not provide an historical background for these photos; mainly because the history of the henges is unknown, other than the fact that they were man-made about 5,000 years … Continue reading