Life Force

Although the lava flow that wiped out the coastal portion of the Chain of Craters Road occurred in 1986, the lava field at the end of the road where we took all our pictures dates to 2003. Lava flows across this area year after year.

So, we were amazed to find plant life poking up through the lava all around us.

The life force is strong in this one:

Life is surprisingly abundant in this desolate realm.

After our walk, we started our drive back up the volcano, but stopped to feel the wind before beginning our ascent to the rim.

The life force is strong in this one, too!

Just before going up, we stopped again to see some petroglyphs, carved into the volcanic rock by native Hawaiians.

Our home exchange includes a 1993 Jeep Wrangler. Driving it was reminiscent of the 1987 Wrangler that Kelly and I rebuilt several years ago.

There’s the climb ahead of us…

…cut right through the lava field.

It was a tough slog for this old Jeep, but we made it back up the volcano.

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