Mønday, Monday

Today, Monday, we drove south to the island of Møn. We were told that møn means “virgin” in Danish, so I guess that means we’ve now visited the Danish Virgin Islands.

Møn is known for its white chalk cliffs, the Møns Klint, similar to those along the southern coast of England, such as the famous cliffs of Dover.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a day when it stays light until 11:00 p.m. We spent the entire morning lounging around, reading, writing and researching what to do and where to stay in Møn, before finally getting moving at 2:00 in the afternoon. Then we drove for 3 hours to get to Møn, checked in to a really neat bed & breakfast (complete with thatch roof and built in the 1740s)…

…and still had time to drive across the island to the cliffs, walk down the 420 steps,…

…400 feet to the bottom,…

…stroll along the beach,…

…write our names with flint stones on the chalk,…

…and see what was down the beach in the other direction (more of the same).

The chalk cliffs on Møn were formed over 70 million years ago when glacial action pushed up the sea bottom made up of the shells of microscopic organisms. Layers of flint stone were folded into the chalk by the glaciers and over the years, the resulting chalk mounds have eroded along the Baltic, creating the cliffs. As the flint has been exposed, it has fallen down the cliff face to the water’s edge, creating the rock beach.

Back at the top of the cliffs, we walked along the recently constructed boardwalk through the beech forest.

And we still had time for a drive through the countryside and dinner!

More on that later.

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