Bellingham Treehouse

I mentioned that we’ve been looking for a Summer home on this trip. Well, we found one and we’re under contract, hoping to close next week! The house is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, beauty, nestled in the woods and feeling more like a treehouse than a regular house. Here’s Dale on the boardwalk that leads from the driveway and carport down to the side entrance where there’s a delightful sunroom overlooking the hollow.

I walked down to join her, then turned to my right for the photo, below, of the boardwalk leading from the drive down to the front door where there’s a nice sitting area.

I’m not going to post many pictures of the interior of the house; you’ll have to come visit to get a peak, but here’s the view of the livingroom from the side door entry (the master bedroom suite is down the hall you see on the other side of the room and down the stairs is the second bedroom and den):

Looking to the right from the same spot is the kitchen, complete with a huge wine cooler, not that we’ll ever fill it:

One of our favorite indoor features is the jacuzzi off the master bedroom:

Exiting through the master bedroom to the wrap-around deck, here’s the view of the “backyard.” It’s a 4-acre property, split down the middle by Chuckanut Creek and it rises about 80 feet from the creekbed to the house on one side and part way up Chuckanut Mountain on the other. The property is surrounded on two sides by a county park that melds into Larrabee State Park and includes Chuckanut Mountain.

Walking around the deck, through the sunroom and back up to the driveway, there’s a carport, big enough (with a modification to the roof) to park our motorhome.

Around the carport and up about a dozen steps takes us to a nice lawn and a raspberry vine. That’s Brandon Nelson, our realtor, standing next to Dale. Besides being a great real estate agent and an all-around nice guy, Brandon also is the world record holder for the longest distance paddled in a kayak in 24 hours: 151.87 miles, just under 7 miles per hour for 24 hours straight!

Looking over the raspberry vine and down the hillside, you can see the barn and garden. We’ll probably convert the barn into a woodworking shop and art studio.

We walked down around and past the barn, then along the underside of the house, on our way down to the creek.

It’s pretty steep on this side of the property, but there are paths and steps all the way down to the water.

Here’s a view looking upstream. Chuckanut Creek is salmon-bearing and we’re told that the fish swim upstream right through the property during spawning, most likely in late October or early November. Wow! Is that cool or what? By the way, our water comes from a well, the wellhead of which is in the creek.

And, finally, here’s a view of the house from down near the creek, but upstream of the photo, above, where there’s another small lawn area and, undoubtedly, a good place to read, paint, meditate and relax.

We can’t wait to move in. And, in case you’re wondering, we plan on keeping our house in the Keys and splitting our time between the coasts. In my next post, I’ll tell you a little about the community.

15 thoughts on “Bellingham Treehouse

  1. Mark and Dale – congratulations!
    Looks like a beautiful setting in the woods. I am sure you will have many happy times together in your new treehouse.
    Jim and Von

  2. Congrats! That truly looks like a special place!! …and, it looks exactly like the place Dale and Mark would have…love to see it sometime as Bellingham sounds like a neat community as well…

  3. Well, cheers and best wishes for life in your new summer home! We’re so glad you sent pictures since we won’t be going up there to visit but are interested in what you’re doing. Hopefully you’ll send more photos as you put your own touches on the place. It certainly has a lot of beautiful opportunities” for all the things you and Dale enjoy doing. Please keep us posted as time goes on.
    Love, B&B Holub

  4. Hello Mark ! I’m pleased for you that you found a new house. It looks great ! The next time we visit the United States, we’ll take a look at your new home 😉 I’m happy that you keep your Florida Keys home, it was so great to join you there and for sure, it was not the last time I visited you there 😉

    Right now, we have very calm school days. We only have one test this week, and the first week of March, we are going to go to Switzerland for skiing. Hopefully, there will be a little bit more snow.

    Greetings from the cold Germany (I’m thinking of Florida for a warm feeling)


    Von meinem iPad gesendet/ Sent from my iPad

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