With all the concrete work now finished and the road side of the property back-filled to the retaining walls, it was time for Rob’s crew to start framing the rest of the basement and foundation. While Rob’s carpenters were busy getting their saws and work areas set up, Jesse placed the big stones on our … Continue reading

Big Tools

Anxious to get to work on the house, we stopped at what has to be one of the world’s premier hardware stores (appropriately named “Hardware Sales”) to look for tools. Now, that’s a wrench! But we didn’t need a wrench to put in the drainage system around the foundation – it’s all PVC. All of … Continue reading


While the foundation was being built, there wasn’t much for us to do so we took time to go to the Bellingham Roller Betties Roller Derby Championship Match at Whatcom Community College: …and then the Bellingham Scottish Highland Games in nearby Ferndale: …then down to Seattle as guests of our friends Rich and Susan (they’re … Continue reading

Big Footers

With the excavation complete, it was time to get started building. We had originally intended to put the house on a low stem-wall foundation with a 2 foot crawl space underneath the house and a separate garage/studio/workshop building, but the land didn’t lend itself to that configuration. So, we decided to put the house on … Continue reading

Boeing Home

I always associated Boeing with Seattle, so I was a little surprised to learn that the company – the largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft in the world – had moved its headquarters to Chicago. Nevertheless, Boeing’s biggest factory is still in the Seattle metropolitan area near Everett, next to Paine Field Airport in Mukilteo which … Continue reading

Sleeping in Seattle

We’re off on another home exchange, this time to the Pacific Northwest, specifically, Seattle in Washington State. And though we’ve just flown the furthest distance possible between two major continental United States airports, Miami International and Seattle-Tacoma, the flight wasn’t bad, stopping midway at Dallas-Fort Worth for a plane and airline change. Our home exchange … Continue reading