Home Exchange

Well, we finished. But, in our rush to winterize the house, pack and leave Bellingham, I neglected to take photos of the completed house yesterday and last night a storm rolled through, spraying the yard and driveway with leaves and needles from the firs. However, I did get a chance to walk around the property this morning, starting at the northwest corner and continuing clockwise, so that I could take these photos in the drizzling rain, the start of winter in the Pacific Northwest. It seems that there is no autumn here; summer one day and winter the next.

It turned out pretty good, don’t you think? We had hoped to finish the house in time to drive the RV back to Florida, but we missed our window, so we’re flying back on Alaska Air from Bellingham with a stop in Las Vegas to change to American for the leg to Miami. In fact, we’re in the air as I finish this post. Here’s The Strip from the air as we leave Las Vegas:

We can’t wait to get back to go skiing this winter. Want to join us?

5 thoughts on “Home Exchange

  1. What a great place! You two are amazing at what you plan, then accomplish. Congrats on the new home. So-o different from the South — a real getaway. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Mark, it would be great to join you out west to see the place and do a little skiing. We would probably pair the visit with a trip to see Ben and Michelle in Portland. Maybe in February or March? Looks like a great project, and I am sure it was fun (and a bit anxious) to watch the whole process unfold! Love the gardens out back, and I am sure they will be packed with roses! Thanks for the pics – interesting to see how it all came together. We’re also planning a move. We bought a small lot on the west side of the lake a couple of years ago, and our current house is for sale. As soon as it is done, we’ll start building. We’re planning a smaller house to fit our “emply nest” status, and the lake view is really nice. We’re in Germany right now for a conference, and Von is here with me. We’re in Marburg, a small city just north of Frankfurt. Love the warm pretzels! Have a great winter down in the keys! Best wishes, Jim

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