Beachy Head

After walking out on the Eastbourne Pier, we drove a little further down the coast to Beachy Head (I just love the place names here in England) where there are numerous hiking trails along the coast through farm and pasture land. It’s simply beautiful!

From the top, we took a photo back toward Eastbourne.

We walked down the other side…

Then along the water. It was low tide; you can see how far the water moves with the tide by the amount of beach exposed.

After our hike, we drove along the scenic road over a few more hills and bluffs and made friends with a couple bovines.

We also exchanged cars with Bob and Johnna. It’s the first time I’ve driven a Citroen.

I don’t have any trouble driving on the left, but it’s a little weird sitting on the the right and shifting with my left hand.

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