Eastbourne Pier

Today we drove into Eastbourne for a lunch of fish and chips. Afterward, we walked out to the promenade along the beach to the Eastbourne Pier. Right at the entrance to the Pier, we came upon two British icons: the double-decker bus and the red telephone booth.

The Pier was built in 1870 and, though restored, still looks much like it did in the late 1800s. It wasn’t built for fishing; it was always intended to be a tourist and amusement attraction. There are several places to get a meal or a drink, several shops, and there’s an arcade for kids.

We walked out to the end. There are fantastic views of the beach and waterfront from out on the Pier.

It was tea time, so we stopped at a tea house and had our fill of tea and scones. Dale was a perfect english lass.

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