We landed at Heathrow Airport in London yesterday and were greeted by this guy. Imposter!

No. Actually, this is Toby, our cab driver, who met us at Arrivals after we cleared UK Customs. Toby shuttled south us to Eastbourne, on the English Channel, a two hour drive.

Our home exchange is a second floor condominium, facing the Channel, although here in England they call it the first floor (what we would call the first floor, they call the ground floor here). The building is six stories tall and sits with five other condo buildings on a peninsula of sorts, surrounded by a marina on the north and the harbor and Channel on the south. We have views of both.

Here’s the view north; that yellow building on the right looks very similar to the building we’re in:

Here’s the view looking the other way, out toward the harbor and the Channel:

There’s an 18 foot tide change here. The picture above is near high tide. Here’s the same view at low tide:

It’s a very nice apartment. Nice kitchen and living and dining room.

Our hosts, Bob and Johnna, have left us a bunch of brochures, maps and books about the area. There’s a lot to see around here.

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